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Ann Coulter To Rand Paul: Just Make Up Your Mind Already

AP Photo / Al Maglio

During the interview, Coulter discussed Paul’s position flip on overseas aid to Israel. In 2011, Paul called for the slashing of all aid to the country, but the senator said Tuesday he did not want to eliminate any foreign aid to Israel.

“I think it’s a little like a compass. It used to be whatever would please 15-year-old Ayn Rand readers was his position,” Coulter said. “Now, it’s whatever will please basically the mainstream media.”

Coulter went on to say she wished the senator would just make up his mind, saying she would have more respect for Paul if he defended a position the media hates.

“I wish he’d just pick a position and go with it, even if — in fact, especially if the media hates it. If it’s against what most people think I’d have a lot more respect for someone who takes an unpopular position, defends it and sticks to it - and, I might add, that’s what his father used to do,” she said.

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