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More Good Times with Donald Sterling

AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill

This is from the sports site The Classical, which in term got the docs from The Smoking Gun. The context is that Stirling is suing a former mistress to get back the house he gave her. But here in the context of being asked in a deposition whether handwriting is his handwriting, he sort of wanders off topic (the lawyer's response is priceless) ...

Later he similarly wanders off topic about how a woman like the defendant in the case can use sex-magic-powers to take control of a man's mind even if she's "a total freak and a piece of trash."

In case you missed it, Deadspin has now gotten hold of more of the original audio in which Sterling just buries himself even deeper and manages to embarrass his fellow Jews.

One outstanding question, which we'll get to tomorrow is how the NAACP managed to be a major beneficiary of Sterling's largesse and award him a "lifetime achievement" award despite a lot of evidence that Sterling was a pretty big racist and a major sleaze.

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