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Christie & Co's Pyrrhic Victory

AP Photo / Matt Rourke

That's a big win for Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien, Christie's former campaign manager. It's an equally big win, though he can't claim it, for Gov. Christie himself. It's also a big disappointment for reporters covering the story and people following it and wanting to know more.

But it seems very much a pyrrhic victory. The legislative probe - formal and informal - got the US Attorney on the case. And all signs suggest that that investigation is moving into overdrive, with key scandal figure David Wildstein in the process of trying to make a deal to cooperate with prosecutors.

Now, needless to say if there's no crime, there's no problem. And if Christie truly knew nothing about it or the subsequent attempt to cover it up, no problem for him. But it to put it mildly, US Attorney's don't operate by whatever weird logic applies between NJ judges and the NJ legislature. So good to them keeping those materials out of the hands of what is now the real - if less public - investigation of this case.

Ed. Note: From the department of small ironies: back when Chris Christie ran that US Attorney's office, it was known to leak like a sieve, especially in its fairly copious investigations of Democrats (though, in fairness, he hit some GOP machine pols too). And one of the go-to recipients of those leaks was none other than David Wildstein, then running a must-read New Jersey political blog.