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A Report from the Townhall


I think Christie was smart to hold this 1st town hall meeting in Middletown. MIddletown is a very friendly Chris Christie town, he's been here several times during the past 4 years and Middletown's municipal government did everything it could to ensure that word got out to those affected by Superstorm Sandy that the governor was going to be in town, sending out several email blasts to supporters.

You also have to take into consideration that in the hour and a half time frame only 10 or so questions were asked and half had nothing to do with Sandy or other scandals.

I did have my hand up at various times throughout the town hall meeting and was going to ask a combination of questions concerning Bridgegate, Hoboken and Belleville but wasn't called upon.

I will also say that the governor did recognize a few of the people in attendance so that may have influenced who he called to ask a question.

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