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Ted Cruz Is Still Defending The Government Shutdown

AP Photo / Charlie Neibergall

"A year ago today, we began an effort to #MakeDCListen. I went to the Senate floor to warn of the tremendous harms Obamacare would cause and urge Congress to do something about it. You went to Facebook, to Twitter, or even to your neighbors to speak the truth," he wrote in a fundraising email sent Wednesday, and passed along by a source.

"As a result of that fight, millions of Americans rose up and demanded we stop the disaster that is Obamacare. Together, we elevated the national debate. And now, the misguided healthcare law is more unpopular than ever."

Cruz's letter doesn't mention that the fight led to a shutdown, or that Republicans took a hit in the polls while ultimately failing to extract concessions on Obamacare or other issues.

The letter ends by asking for a contribution to the Ted Cruz Victory Committee in order to "retire Majority Leader Harry Reid" in the November midterm elections.