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Sen. Graham Promises To Be A Check On Trump On Russia, Immigration

AP Photo / Bill Clark

Where Graham was firmest, however, was in the arena of foreign policy. Graham said that he wouldn't stand for any funny business on Russia.

"Clearly me and the Donald have issues. And I will do everything I can to help him because he will be commander in chief in dangerous times. I'm worried about Russia. He wants to reset Russia? Maybe he can do it. But here's my view about Russia: they're a bad actor in the world and need to be reined in," Graham said. "I respect the fact that he won, but Congress does have a say and a role in all this."

He closed with a couple of kind words for a president he has opposed at nearly every turn. "President Obama has done a damn good job at being the transition guy," Graham said. "I just cannot thank him enough for behaving the way he has."