Northern Ireland Selling Cold War-Era Nuclear Bunker For $850K (PHOTOS)


BALLYMENA, Northern Ireland (AP) — It has no windows — but offers unrestricted views of Armageddon.

Northern Ireland is selling its Cold War-era nuclear bunker, an underground installation with room for 235 beds that sellers imagine could be transformed into a tourist attraction or blast-proof storage facility.

Journalists took a tour Thursday of one of Northern Ireland’s strangest real estate offerings. For 575,000 pounds ($850,000), the successful buyer could acquire a 46,363-square-foot (4,300-square-meter) grass-topped building discretely situated on 3.74 acres (1.51 hectares) of rolling fields northwest of Belfast.

Some of the sleeping quarters inside the nuclear bunker. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

Northern Ireland’s leaders have decided they can survive without the bunker, which was built in the 1980s to protect key government and legal figures from a Russian nuclear strike. The facility includes a conference room and broadcasting suite. Its existence was a state secret until 2007.

The nuclear bunker that was built during the cold war in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

The main conference and control room inside the nuclear bunker. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

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