The Josh Marshall Podcast

Ep. 137: Home Stretch
Josh, Kate, and David analyze the presidential race heading into the debates and final weeks of the campaign. Listen
Ep. 136: All’s Well That Falwell
Kate and Josh are joined by Special Projects Editor Nicole Lafond to discuss the twists and turns of Jerry Falwell's downfall along with the state of the presidential race. Listen
Ep. 135: Why Democrats Are So Nervous About 2020
Josh, Kate and David talk about Democrats' perennial anxiety when it comes to elections, and how to approach what will be a highly unusual Election Day in November. Listen
RNC Night 4 Recap: Out With A Bang
Kate, David, and Summer discuss the last night of the convention and analyze highlights from the week. Listen
RNC Night 3: Shock And Yawn
Kate, Summer, Matt, and David break down the third night of the GOP convention, which offered a more subdued flavor of crazy. Listen
Ep. 134: Pride Goeth Before The Falwell
Kate and David are joined by reporter Josh Kovensky to discuss Jerry Falwell's downfall, Steve Bannon's arrest and the first few nights of the Republican National Convention. Listen
RNC Night 2 Recap: Your Tax Dollars At Work
David, Summer and Matt break down the second night of the GOP convention, which featured the White House as a prop for President Trump’s reelection campaign. Listen
RNC Night 1 Recap: Doom And Gloom
David, Summer and Matt Shuham dig into the first night of the Republican National Convention, which was chock full of apocalyptic language and grievance politics. Listen
Convention Night 4 Recap: An Ally Of The Light
Kate, Summer, and David are joined by New York Newswriter Zoe Richards to discuss the last night of the Democratic National Convention, a varied and faith-filled night concluding with Joe Biden officially accepting the Democratic nomination. Listen
Convention Recap Night 3: Emotional Heavy Hitters
Kate, David, and Summer analyze the third night of the convention, replete with female stars of the party and emotionally hard-hitting segments, leading to Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) historic acceptance of the vice-presidential nomination. Listen
Ep. 133: New Insight Into Russia’s Election Meddling
TPM investigative reporter Josh Kovensky joins Josh, Kate and David to break down new details of Russia's 2016 election meddling from the GOP-led Senate Intel Committee's final Russia probe report. Later, the group recaps the first two nights of the Democratic National Convention. Listen
Convention Recap Night 2: Sea To Shining Sea
Kate, Summer and David dive into the second night of the Democratic convention, which featured a heartwarming virtual roll call vote to officially deliver the nomination to Joe Biden. Listen
Convention Recap Night 1: When They Go Low
Kate and David are joined by New York newswriter Summer Concepcion to debrief the first night of the Democratic convention replete with converted Republicans and keynoted by an affecting Michelle Obama. Listen
Ep. 132: The Tortoise and the Harris
Josh, Kate, and David talk about Joe Biden’s lengthy process to settle on the ultimately most predictable — though historic — vice presidential choice. Listen
Ep. 131: “You Can’t Lose Twice”
Josh, Kate, and David discuss Trump's election-delay threats as well as the fight over unemployment benefits currently engulfing Capitol Hill. Listen
Ep. 130: What’s Up With Trump’s Federal Law Enforcement Crackdown?
Reporter Matt Shuham joins Josh and David to talk about President Trump's new "surge" of law enforcement across the country. Matt helps break down what is behind Trump's campaign-friendly display of "law and order." Listen
Bill Barr
Ep. 129: Reflections on Barr
Josh, Kate and David are joined by Crime Story’s Kary Antholis to discuss how his interview with Attorney General William Barr on themes like implicit bias and race relations in law enforcement a year ago looks today in the context of nationwide civil unrest. Listen
Needle, COVID-19
Ep. 128: Double Trouble: Why This Year’s Flu Vaccine Will Be So Challenging Amid COVID-19
Josh, Kate and David talk about the state of the coronavirus pandemic, as every other developed nation runs circles around us in combating the virus. Kate also shares her recent reporting on the unique challenges health care officials face this year in administering the flu vaccine. Listen
Ep. 127: The Kids Are Not Alright
Josh, Kate, and David discuss the looming deadline of schools reopening and the seeming lack of any cohesive federal plan to make it safe and workable for already overburdened parents. Listen
Ep. 126: Testing 2.0
Josh, Kate, and David discuss the inadequacies of the COVID testing system the administration has touted as their new-and-improved alternative to the federal sites whose funding they are sunsetting. Listen
Ep. 125: Testing, Who Needs It?
Kate and David are joined by investigative reporter Josh Kovensky to discuss the federal government’s decision to quietly let funding lapse for testing in states experiencing huge COVID spikes. Listen
Ep. 124: Escalation From The Anti-Antifa
Josh, Kate, and David are joined by New York reporter Matt Shuham to talk about the ubiquity of flimsy antifa scares and the increasingly violent response they're eliciting. Listen
Ep. 123: The Imaginary War Against Antifa
Josh, Kate and David discuss Trump’s newest conspiracy theory and how small towns across the country are heeding the call to arms. Listen
Ep. 122: Eyewitness Accounts
Josh, Kate, David and New York reporter Matt Shuham discuss what they're seeing, hearing and thinking as protests over the killing of George Floyd continue to blaze through the country. Listen
Ep. 121: 11/3 and 911
Josh, Kate and David analyze President Trump’s scattershot attacks as he struggles to lay a glove on Joe Biden, as well as the Central Park 911 call heard ’round the country. Listen
Ep. 120: Will Americans Ever Embrace Masks?
Josh, Kate, and David discuss a new study that shows masks may be more effective at stopping the spread of COVID-19 than we thought. But will the U.S. ever fully adopt them? Listen
Ep. 119: Behind The Mask
Josh, Kate and David discuss the difficulties of knowing how to behave under the fractured federal response. Listen
Ep. 118: Warriors or Human Sacrifice?
Josh, Kate, and David discuss the President's dubious call to action, as well as state-level reopening fights across the country. Listen
Ep. 117: What The ‘Reopening’ Debate Gets Wrong
Josh, Kate and David talk through the challenges in returning to life as normal in New York and other major American cities, and why “reopening” isn’t anything like business as usual. Listen
Ep. 116: Inside The Complicated Trip Of One Shipment Of Millions Of KN95 Masks
Josh, Kate, and David are joined by TPM investigative reporter Josh Kovensky, who shares his latest exclusive reporting on a shipment of millions of KN95 masks. Then the group talks about the protests that have been popping up and the continued fallout from the Wisconsin election. Listen
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