The Week In Video (TPM TV)

TPM publisher Josh Marshall looked at the fallout from Wisconsin’s election and anti-union ballot measures in Ohio and California in Monday’s episode of “The Set-Up.” He also speculated on what the future holds for public-sector unions. Watch:

On Wednesday, Polltracker editor Kyle Leighton examined Democratic senators’ re-election prospects. Some are using President Obama to help boost their own popularity, and some are running in the opposite direction.

Also on Wednesday, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon arrived on Capitol Hill to explain his company’s recent $2 billion trading loss, and was greeted with fawning from most of the gathered senators.

Catch up on the best of the hearing in 100 seconds:

On Thursday, The Army celebrated its 237th birthday with a tank made of cupcakes (that also shoots cupcakes!), but most people were distracted as Gretchen Carlson walked off camera on “Fox and Friends”, in response to a sexist joke.

Also on Thursday, President Obama and Mitt Romney gave much-hyped dueling speeches on the economy:

On Friday, editor Paul Werdel closed out the week of TPM programming by looking at statements made this week by Republicans that show they are in a tough spot when it comes to the prospect of the Affordable Care Act (or parts of it) being repealed.

Also on an eventful Friday, President Obama’s announcement of his new immigration policy was interrupted by repeated shouted questions from a Daily Caller reporter, and Glenn Beck went on an anti-“Glee” tirade.

Bonus: Fox’s dogged coverage of Justin Bieber.

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