Someone Keeps Leaving Dead Animal Carcasses Near Pa. Teachers’ Picket Line


CANONSBURG, Pa. (AP) — Police are trying to figure out who has left animal carcasses near the picket line of striking teachers in one of western Pennsylvania’s most affluent school districts.

The last animal found, on Tuesday, was a deer spray-painted blue with the initials “PT”.

Striking Peters Township School District teachers have been wearing blue T-shirts while picketing and elsewhere as a sign of solidarity.

Last week, officials say a dead squirrel was thrown from a passing vehicle and a raccoon carcass was left hanging from a nearby road sign.

Nearly 300 teachers have been on strike since Oct. 28, and talks with the school board have been rancorous.

School has been canceled until Nov. 27. That’s the longest the teachers can strike while still guaranteeing students receive the minimum class days required by law.

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