Sanders Yells: GOP Obstruction Of Health Care Debate ‘Is An Outrage!’

Things got heated on the Senate floor today, when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) slammed Republicans for delaying the health care debate, calling it an “outrage” and “wrong.”Sanders said:

Everybody in this country understands that our nation faces a significant number of major crises. Whether it’s the disintegration of our health care system, the fact that 1 percent of our people are unemployed, or underemployed, one out of four of our children are living in food stamps, we’ve got two wars, we’ve got global warming, we have a $12 trillion national debt.

He continued: “And the best the Republicans can do is try to bring the United States government to a halt by forcing a reading of a 700-page amendment. That is an outrage. People can have honest disagreements. But in this moment of crisis it is wrong to bring the United States government to a halt.”

Here’s the full clip. Skip to the 1:44 mark for the really good part: