Rep. Cohen Received E-Mail Threats After Anti-Tea Party Comments

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) says he received threatening e-mails in response to comments he made about the Tea Party movement.In an interview Saturday, Cohen told the Commercial Appeal: “The Tea Party people are kind of, without robes and hoods, they have really shown a very hardcore angry side of America that is against any type of diversity.”

On Monday night, one of the the congressman’s campaign offices received an e-mail from a Yahoo! account that read: “If our tea parties had hoods, we would burn your ass on a cross on the White House lawn.”

According to Cohen’s office, the congressman’s DC office also received threatening e-mails, from different accounts. All the e-mails were turned over to Capitol Police and the FBI.

“They were enough that we felt like we needed to turn them over. That’s pretty much the procedure here,” Cohen Chief of Staff Marilyn Dillihay told TPM.

According to local news reports, members of the Mid-South Tea Party held a rally on Monday to protest Cohen’s comparison of the group to the KKK.

(h/t The Hill)