Rendell: Specter Will Be Fine — We’ve Got People In Ponchos Out There

Appearing on MSNBC earlier to talk about today’s Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Primary, Gov. Ed Rendell (D) said that Arlen Specter supporters had found a creative way to face the bad weather today — Arlen Specter ponchos.Host Andrea Mitchell asked Rendell what he and others were doing to encourage voter turnout despite the rain.

“Well the good news is that Arlen has a ton of people on the street,” Rendell said. “We’re very creative here in Philadelphia… we have 6,000 ponchos with Arlen’s name on it and we’re giving them out to voters to get them to come to the polls.”

Ponchos or no, polls show Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) surging. The TPM Poll Average for today’s Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania shows Sestak leading Specter 45.6% to 42.6%.