Perseid Meteor Shower Lights Up The Sky

1||August 17, 2010: The Perseid Meteor Shower peaked over the weekend, when as many as 100 meteors an hour streaked across the sky as the Earth passed through the path of debris thrown off by Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Pictured: The view from Flagstaff, Arizona. ||Flickr: L.Brumm Photography&&

2||Glastonbury, England.||Newscom/Zuma&&

3||Sebastopol, California.||Newscom/Zuma&&



6||Eureka, Michigan.||Flickr: Paladin27&&

7||Somerset, England.||Newscom/Zuma&&

8||A 53-minute time lapse of the sky during the shower, taken from Flagstaff, Arizona.||Flickr: L.Brumm Photography&&