NRSC Chair Rick Scott Draws Up Own GOP Agenda, Which Includes Honoring Trump By Naming Border Wall After Him

Former President Trump and NRSC Chair Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL). Photo from NRSC email.
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National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chair Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) has his own ideas for a new Republican agenda, including another trophy of sorts for ex-President Donald Trump.

In the absence of any actual agenda set forth by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who reportedly wants the party to run solely on attacking Democrats, Scott released an 11-point plan on Tuesday to “rescue America.”

“I’ll warn you; this plan is not for the faint of heart,” Scott warned in the plan’s opening letter.

What followed was a list that largely centered on the same conservative culture war grievances that’ve consumed the GOP in recent years, including complaints about “wokeness” and transgender athletes. The plan does, however, include some actual, pretty dramatic policy proposals, like eliminating the Education Department and sunsetting all federal legislation after five years.

Point #4, the section on immigration, made sure to include a tribute to Trump and his infamous wall at the southern border.

“We will secure our border, finish building the wall, and name it after President Donald Trump,” Scott declared.

Scott, whose term ends in 2024, insisted in an interview with Politico that his decision to put out his own plan wasn’t an effort to set the stage for a potential presidential bid.

“I’m doing it because I’m a business guy and I believe in plans,” he told Politico.

Scott’s border wall proposal echoes the NRSC’s first-ever “Champion for Freedom Award” that Scott created for and awarded to Trump last April, just months after the ex-president incited the violent Capitol insurrection and hours after he called McConnell a “dumb son of a bitch.”

The NRSC chair’s plan is a break from McConnell’s refusal to present an agenda for Senate Republicans to campaign on ahead of the 2022 midterms.

“I’ll let you know when we take [the Senate] back,” the Senate GOP leader told reporters last month when asked about his agenda.

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  1. Avatar for kovie kovie says:

    “Former” must always be capitalized and bold when referring to Herr Dumpster, as in “FORMER President Trump”.

    And a Florida senator naming a few pathetic remaining sieve-like “wall” sections after him? Sure, why not? I always thought that anything Trump-related would be the surest way to drive off would-be immigrants, legal and not. Put up pix of him eating tacos to make it even more effective. Who would want to cross that border?

  2. Whores consistently dishonor themselves and those around them.

  3. So scott has confirmed that the cult will run as exactly what they’ve shown themselves to be, a gaggle of rootin-tootin shoot 'em ups who wholly support the J6 assault on America and the very concept of democracy.

    It may not result in any unexpected electoral victories but it will keep the cash flow from the drooling base strong, at least until the drooling base runs out of cash.

  4. eliminating the Education Department and sunsetting all federal legislation after five years.

    Well, at least it’s clear: Stop educating people, usher in legal chaos, and, of course, make sure everyone is well-armed. So pretty much Floridize the country.

  5. Avatar for jinnj jinnj says:

    Drawing a comparison to the no-integrity THIEF Rick Scott is an insult to whores everywhere.

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