Never Forget: Rolling Thunder Rides Into D.C.

1||The 24th annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally took place on Sunday, May 29 in Washington D.C. The ride is meant to honor American prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action. ||Jeff Malet/

2||An estimated 250,000 riders participated in Rolling Thunder XXIV. ||Jeff Malet/

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4||Sarah Palin made an appearance at the rally, irking some riders when fans and journalists caused a minor stir by swarming around her. ||Jeff Malet/

5||Palin’s husband, Todd, and daughter, Piper, joined her on the ride. ||Jeff Malet/

6||Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-FL) delivered a speech at the event. ||Jeff Malet/

7|| ||Jeff Malet/

8||Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen also addressed the crowd. ||Jeff Malet/

9||A man portraying an imprisoned POW. ||Jeff Malet/

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12|| ||Jeff Malet/

13||One woman handed out “Biker Bibles.” ||Jeff Malet/

14||The ride had several starting points, and ended at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. ||Jeff Malet/

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17|| ||Jeff Malet/

18||Todd and Piper Palin. ||Jeff Malet/

19|| ||Jeff Malet/

20||Sarah Palin, with husband, Todd, and daughter, Piper. ||Jeff Malet/

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24||Sarah Palin ||Jeff Malet/

25|| ||Jeff Malet/

26||Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen. ||Jeff Malet/

27|| ||Jeff Malet/

28|| Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. ||Jeff Malet/

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