Media Fail: Reports Say Brown Win In MA Cost Dems Their Majority (It Didn’t)

Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s (R-MA) victory in Massachusetts has got some members of the media so worked up, it’s affecting their math skills, or at least their common sense.

Since Tuesday’s election, we’ve seen or heard reports of media outlets stating that Brown’s election cost Democrats their “majority” or shifted the balance of power in Congress. Now, we haven’t been in a math class in years, but last we checked 59 was greater than 41.Here are some of the offenders:

-A Philadelphia Metro newspaper headline on Thursday asked: “How will Dems recover after losing majority?”

– CNN reported: ‘Brown’s election tips Senate balance of power to GOP’ (video here)

-An early lede (since changed) on this New York Times story read: “Senate Democrats prepared to meet on Wednesday to consider the fate of the bill now that Scott Brown’s Senate win has cost them their razor-thin advantage.”

-Twitter was buzzing that local NBC news in NY was reporting Democrats lost their majority in the Senate Tuesday night.

Seen any others? Leave them in the comments field below.