Here’s Who’s Cooperating With The Impeachment Probe So Far

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First published Nov. 1, updated Nov. 6.

Since the House launched its impeachment inquiry in late September, the committees conducting the probe have moved rapidly to depose witnesses and subpoena documents.

In just the first month of the investigation, the committees spoke to more than a dozen witnesses. The House has voted to formally approve the inquiry, and witnesses have rebelled against the Trump administration’s decree against testifying, confirming key aspects of what Democrats suspect was Trump’s attempt to use his official office for personal political gain.

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Yet at the same time, relentless stonewalling from the Trump administration has kept House investigators from reviewing certain key documents and speaking to some crucial witnesses.

As the cast of characters expands and evidence grows, it’s become hard to keep track of who has spoken to investigators and who is refusing to cooperate. So we’ve created an infographic to keep track of who’s testified, who’s handed over documents — and who’s refused.

You can hover over/tap the names below for more information.

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  1. During Nixon’s impeachment, I could have instantly addressed who did what to whom, and when and where.

    I could have told you what Sam Ervin ate for breakfast, what time Haldeman left home for work, when Grey was told to deep six documents, what McCord said to Sirica, how much money Howard Hunt’s wife had in her pocketbook when her plane crashed at Midway Airport, what color socks Rufus Edmisten wore, and which urinal in the Rayburn building John Doar preferred. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them.

    I can’t keep this current crowd straight. All I know is the noose is tightening.

  2. The cast of the Orange Impeachiness Crime Story is very wide and it is only for the Ukrainegate! If you add Stormygate, Russiagate, Emoluments, tax fraud, profiting in office, public corruption…on and on…the list would go on and on too! So many trumpian criminals!

    Tracking Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

    TY for this tracking article TPM, I’m bookmarking this!

  3. Avatar for kovie kovie says:

    Is there any indication that Dems are looking to meaningfully expand the scope of impeachment beyond the Ukraine quid pro quo, to either obstruction, or, better yet, to what I view as a far worse and more serious crime, Trump’s Russia quid pro quo, which dwarfs all the other crimes–including obstruction–and is really the mother lode and genesis of all the other impeachable crimes here?

    We know that it exists and that both sides have been following through with it, especially Trump, with his Putin ass-kissing and doing Russia all sorts of favors (including the latest, pulling out of Syria, and now this Lebanon thing). Even if Russia hadn’t done a thing for Trump in return as yet, so long as it can be shown that such a deal exists and that Trump has been following through on his end (or merely trying to), then that’s the whole ballgame and everyone can go home, he’s done and there’s no saving him.

    If there’s any way to prove it conclusively, with hard evidence and corroborating testimony from several credible witnesses, then it would be insane for Dems to not pursue it. And if they are pursuing it, they’d be keeping their cards very close to their vests on it, for obvious reasons. Thus closed door sessions?

  4. Avatar for kovie kovie says:

    As I explained just above, while he’s committed all these crimes, I believe that the main and worst one is his quid pro quo with Russia, that goes way beyond the 2016 election.

  5. Avatar for dave48 dave48 says:

    It’s easy to understand why Senate Republicans don’t even want to talk about this case. They know that Trump is guilty and deserves impeachment (many times over) but their base is sure Trump is innocent. Unfortunately, any Senate republican who votes to acquit Trump will not just be saying that all of Trump’s past behavior was okay, they’ll also have to own everything Trump does subsequently.

    Trump gets worse every day. Everyone in Washington (and most of the rest of the country) can see this. Every Republican Senator asked to vote on whether Trump deserves to stay in the White House knows that there is no limit to how crazy he might get in the next year. I’m not saying that anyone should feel sorry for Senate Republicans (ever) but try to imagine how scared they are right now.

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