Hurricane Katrina: Five Years Later

1||August 29, 2010 marks the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans, LA. Here are some pictures that show how the Gulf Coast region has — and hasn’t — been rebuilt since then…

The lower 9th ward of New Orleans, shot on August 8, 2010.||Newscom/Sipa&&

2||The lower 9th ward, shot in September, 2005.||Newscom/Sipa&&

3||The corner of Dahlia and Bay in the lower 9th Ward, shot on August 8, 2010. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

4||Dahlia and Bay, shot on August 29, 2005.||Newscom/Sipa&&

5||Claiborne Ave., a major road leading into downtown New Orleans, shot on August 8, 2010.||Newscom/Sipa&&

6||Claiborne Ave. shot on September 5, 2005.||Newscom/Sipa&&

7||Forstall Street, at the intersection with N. Johnson St in the lower 9th Ward, shot on August 8, 2010.||Newscom/Sipa&&

8||Forstall Street, shot on September 30, 2005.||Newscom/Sipa&&

9||Cajun Seafood at the intersection of Washington and S. Broad Street, shot on August 8, 2010.||Newscom/Sipa&&

10||Cajun Seafood, shot on September 5, 2005.||Newscom/Sipa&&

11||August 2010: East Biloxi, in south Mississippi.||Newscom/KRT&&

12||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

13||August 2010: A building in the lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

14||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

15||August 2010: Merrick cemetery in St. Bernard Parish, LA. FEMA had put recovered remains in temporary coffins, with plans to rebury them as part of the recovery.||Newscom/Sipa&&

16||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

17||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. This was the house in which musical legend Fats Domino resided at the time of the hurricane, and where he initially decided to ride out the storm. Though some news reports initially indicated that he died in the flooding, he was rescued several days later. It was rebuilt with the help of volunteers, though he lost many of his possessions in the flood and to looting. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

18||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. The markings on the house indicate that it was searched by rescue crews after the hurricane. The top quadrant is the date of the search; the right quadrant indicates hazards in the home; the bottom quadrant indicates the number of bodies discovered; and the left quadrant indicates the group that performed the search. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

19||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

20||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

21||August 2010: Lower 9th Ward. ||Newscom/Sipa&&