Here’s What 90 Percent Of Americans Agree On: God, Country, And Sex Ed

WASHINGTON (AP) — Can we agree on this? Americans still think alike much of the time even if our politicians don’t.What can 9 out of 10 Americans agree on? Survey says: not much.

That’s partly because the big polls such as Pew, Gallup and the General Social Survey are designed to explore differences, not to document what unites the United States. Still, a few questions discover 90 percent agreement, or close to it.

Americans nearly all:

–believe in God.

–are very patriotic.

–consider preventing terrorism a very important foreign policy goal.

–admire those who get rich by working hard.

–think society should ensure everyone has equal opportunity to succeed.

–think it’s important to get more than a high school education.

–favor teaching sex education in public schools.

–find birth control morally acceptable.

–believe cloning humans would be morally wrong.

–believe it’s wrong for married people to have affairs.

–are interested in keeping up with national affairs.

–believe it’s their duty to always vote.

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