Hearing Yet To Be Scheduled For Virginia House Democrat In Tied Race

Shelly Simonds candidate for the 94th District of Del. David Yancy talks about the ballot recount Monday November 13, 2017 after the announcement that the provisional ballot count gave Yancy a 10 vote lead.
Rob Ostermaier/The Daily Press

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — A court has so far not scheduled a hearing for a Virginia House candidate who asked it to declare her the winner of a race that may determine party control in the chamber.

Cheryl Penny is chief deputy clerk for Newport News Circuit Court. She said Wednesday that scheduling a hearing would take time if the three-judge panel calls for one. Two judges live in other parts of the state.

Democrat Shelly Simonds has asked the court to reconsider last week’s decision to tie the race between her and Republican incumbent David Yancey. The outcome would either help Republicans maintain control of the chamber or force a power-sharing agreement with Democrats.

If the court declines to intervene, the state elections board will determine the winner by drawing names from a bowl.