He Drew Up Plans For An Antifa ‘Slaughter,’ Then Got Invited On A National Radio Show

Shane Kohfield speaks outside of the mayor of Portland's home earlier this summer.
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Conservative radio host Lars Larson brags that his radio show is broadcast on over 20 stations in the Pacific Northwest and has featured interviews with everyone from Paul Ryan to Sean “Commander” Spicer, as Larson referred to the then-press secretary over Skype in the White House briefing room last year.

But on Thursday last week, Larson offered something a little different to his thousands of listeners: A detailed plan on how to “slaughter” scores of left wing activists in their sleep.

The plan came from Shane Kohfield, who earlier this summer had his guns confiscated by the FBI and was briefly taken to a VA hospital after announcing a similar plan in front of the mayor of Portland’s house. Right Wing Watch flagged the interview on Monday.

“There’s a group of people that are trying to dismantle the Constitution, and they want to kill us. I’m trying to protect freedom,” the Marine veteran told Larson, referring to the vaguely defined term “antifa,” or those who identify as antifascists. Kohfield later said he would only carry out his plan in response to lethal violence from antifa, calling the plan a “nuclear deterrent.”

Midway through the conversation, Larson asked for detail.

“What is the detailed plan to wipe out antifa?” he probed, repeating the question again before Kohfield launched into it.

After extensive information-gathering involving finding home addresses and dividing cities into grids assigned to specific anti-antifa military veterans, Kohfield said, “the veterans will be broken down into squads.”

The squads, he said, would be given a list of addresses of “the most violent antifa members” and would work “until every one of them was gone in every city in America, if need be, in a single well-coordinated night.”

Larson pressed again: What would be the plan for antifa members found sleeping in their beds, who pose no immediate threat to anyone?

“Well, according to the plan, it would be kill,” Kohfield replied.

Larson ended the interview soon after, thanking Kohfield for his service and his time.

It wasn’t the first time Kohfield had spoken about the plan.

In July, Kohfield stood in front of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home in a MAGA hat, speaking through a loudspeaker. He had a knife and a concealed carry permit strapped to his chest, the Oregonian later reported. Kohfield and others had shown up to criticize the city’s handling of demonstrations involving antifa.

“If antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” he said. “I’d slaughter them and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out antifa.”

After a few days, the Oregonian reported, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force took away Kohfield’s guns, citing a new red flag law in the state. They also reportedly committed him to a veterans’ hospital where he underwent psychiatric observation for five days and voluntarily stayed for another two weeks.

Kohfield suffers from PTSD and bipolar disorder, the paper reported, citing his medical records. He served two tours of duty in Iraq.

“I will put almost anybody on the air unless they are actively threatening somebody,” Larson told TPM in a phone interview Tuesday. “Short of that,” he added, “I’ll put all the crazy on you want.”

Larson said he wanted to give his listeners an example of someone who, under Oregon’s new red flag law, was considered too dangerous to have guns.

Kohfield sounded “as though he could do violence against somebody,” Larson said, adding that many listeners wrote in after the program aired to say that Kohfield “sounded like a guy who should have his guns taken away.”

But, Larson argued to TPM, Kohfield’s rights had been infringed upon because he hadn’t made an imminent threat of violence.

“He didn’t cross the line,” Larson said, criticizing the red flag laws like the one used to confiscate Kohfield’s guns as reminiscent of “Minority Report.”

The veteran first appeared on the FBI’s radar in March, the Oregonian reported, when he sent a letter to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) explaining that, if Congress didn’t designate antifa a terrorist organization soon, he and other veterans would be forced to begin killing antifascists “until we have achieved genocide.”

At the start of his interview with Kohfield Thursday, Larson described antifa as a “domestic terrorist group.”

“The problem is,” he added, “that sometimes, when you speak out against antifa, you can run into trouble.”

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