Gov. Mark Sanford Went Missing — Again!


Almost exactly one year after he “hiked the Appalachian Trail” with his Argentine lover, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford was out of the office on Monday — and his lieutenant governor says he didn’t know where his boss was. Sound familiar?Last time Sanford disappeared, of course, he ran off to Argentina to visit his lover Maria Belen Chapur, while telling his staff he was going to hike the Appalachian Trail. This time, all Sanford’s office is saying is that the governor was taking some “personal time.”

Sanford spokesman Ben Fox told TPM that Sanford was back in the office Tuesday, and wouldn’t elaborate on the governor’s Monday whereabouts, though he did say he had spoken with Sanford “multiple times” during the day.

According to Fox, Sanford spent Father’s Day weekend with his sons, then took some “personal time” on Monday. Fox would not elaborate on the governor’s location, or say whether he was in or out of the state.

The Associated Press reports that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer did not know where Sanford was on Monday.