Gone, General, Gone: McChrystal’s Military Career In Afghanistan

1||June 23, 2010: General Stanley McChrystal is relieved of duty in a meeting with President Obama. A Rolling Stone profile of McChrystal had caused a stir the day before, quoting the general and his aides insulting the President, Vice President, and other top administration officials. Here’s a look back at McChrystal’s time as top commander in Afghanistan during the Obama Administration.

Here, McChrystal and Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak (left center), Afghanistan Minister of Defense, are shown the different aircraft of the Afghan National Army Air Corps rotary wing fleet at the Air Corps compound on November 5, 2009. ||Newscom/UPI&&

2||January 7, 2010: McChrystal and several U.S. Senators visit the Operational Coordination Center District in the Arghandab River Valley of Afghanistan. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is in the back row, left; Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), back row, second from the left; Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), back row, fourth from the right; McChrystal, back row, third from the right; and Sen. John Thune (R-SD), back row, far right.||.mil&&

3||May 6, 2010: McChrystal meets with French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux, center, at the ISAF headquarters in Kabul. ||Newscom/Sipa&&

4||December 7, 2009: Eikenberry, National Security Advisor James Jones, and McChrystal meet with the President in happier times. ||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

5||March 28, 2010: President Obama meets with U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, left, and McChrystal at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. ||Official White House Photo by Pete Souza&&

6||May 8, 2010: Afghan President Hamid Karzai walks with McChrystal upon his arrival at Bagram Airfield.||Newscom/Rapport&&

7||July 16, 2009: At the Korengal Combat Outpost, commanding officer CPT Moretti briefs McChrystal on the current status of the Korengal valley. ||Newscom/Zuma&&

8||January 2, 2010: McChrystal speaks with Karzai at a store in Nawa District’s marketplace.||Newscom/UPI&&

9||March 1, 2010: McChrystal walks down the main street of Marja with members of the Afghan security forces. ||Newscom/KRT&&

10||November 21, 2009: Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, left, receives the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan from McChrystal, during the ceremony marking the change of command and the official activation of the NATO Training Mission at Camp Eggers in Kabul.||Newscom/Rapport&&

11||February 5, 2010: McChrystal, center, attends the NATO Defense Ministerial in Istanbul, Turkey.||.mil&&

12||August 29, 2009: Eikenberry and McChrystal greet British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as he arrives at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan.||.mil&&