Gibbs Mocks WH Reporter For Repeating Question That Was Already Answered Off-Camera (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had some fun with Fox News senior White House correspondent Major Garrett this afternoon after Garrett repeated a question that, according to Gibbs, had been answered just an hour earlier via e-mail.When Garrett asked Gibbs to square the discrepancy between President Obama’s proposed three-year federal budget freeze and his comments as a presidential candidate in 2008 that such a move would be irresponsible, Gibbs said, “Can I report to you what I e-mailed you when you asked me this question about an hour ago? I understand. I’m trying in a desperate attempt to corrupt all attempts to use the video of a question that you and I e-mailed about not long before I made my on-camera appearance.”

Amidst laughter in the briefing room Gibbs jokingly asked, “How long is the block? How long is the block that you have for the statement? Approximately how long is the bite between the think tank on this side and the person on this side?”

Gibbs then delivered his clearly prepared response in 12 seconds flat.