Fox News Pundits Unafraid To Attack Palin . . . During Off-Air Commercial Break

The Fox News Watch crew better learn to watch when the camera is rolling from now on, because they might soon feel the wrath of the Mama Grizzly. Nevermind that Sarah Palin is their Fox News co-worker and a likely contender for the Republican nomination for President in 2012, but now as a legitimate reality TV star she’s an even higher priority for Fox News to keep happy.

Given that these Fox News pundits seem to be easily replaceable as the Fox News Watch panelists to come before them, they might want to be just a little more respectful of the mother of the soon-to-be Dancing with the Stars champion. Sure criticism of Palin’s positions and media strategy is fine, but for reporters Judith Miller and Liz Trotta to be caught in this clip laughing dismissively of Palin, in agreement with the television critics for such “lamestream” (Palin’s word) media as the New York Times and Washington Post, is, well…a bit unflattering.
And so the Palin phenomenon continues, as she has the rare ability to upset the elite and entrenched interests of both political parties. Regardless, Palin is probably officially in that zone where criticism of her by anyone in the media will either embolden her fans or amuse her critics. So whichever category you fall into, enjoy.
Watch the video below:

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