Fox & Friends Has Better Things To Talk About Than Rupert Murdoch

When the news broke this morning that Rupert Murdoch had been declared by the UK Parliament unfit to lead an international company, Fox & Friends was in full swing.

Regular Fox viewers will recognize the familiar sound of the graphic that introduces a “Fox News Alert”, as news breaks in the middle of shows.

This morning, however, the sound failed to materialize as an introduction to Murdoch’s story, as the ‘Friends’ pressed on with their regularly scheduled programming.

After several segments critical of the Occupy movement and President Obama, trailers for a story about Karate Kid and a man falling off some scaffolding, Fox ran the big news about Murdoch.

See the whole 32 seconds they dedicated to it, as well as the following story – a couple towing their grand-daughter’s toy car behind their SUV – below.

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