FEC Questions Other Spending By Linda Bean Super PAC Backing Trump


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Federal Elections Commission is questioning last-minute expenditures by a pro-Donald Trump super PAC linked to L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean.

The FEC says the Making Maine Great Again PAC may have violated 24-hour reporting rules. Previously, the FEC asked the PAC to clarify contributions that appeared to be too large, and the PAC acknowledged reporting errors.

Linda Bean’s contributions garnered calls for a national boycott of L.L. Bean and a tweet from Trump supporting the Freeport, Maine-based outdoors retailer.

The PAC’s chairman contends its paperwork is now “crystal clear.”

The PAC originally reported that Linda Bean donated $60,000. Revised reports show she actually contributed $25,000 while her sister gave $20,000.

The FEC has the power to bring penalties but rarely does.

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