WaPo‘s Milbank Writing Glenn Beck ‘Primer’

s03/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Readers have gobbled up books written by Glenn Beck, so maybe The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank figures they’ll be interested in one about the firebrand conservative TV and radio host.Milbank has announced he’s writing a book about Beck titled “Tears of a Clown,” to be released by Doubleday later this year.

“He’s been extraordinarily successful at finding what the people want to hear and giving it to them,” Milbank told Politico.

In January, Milbank wrote a column in the Post about Beck, where he asked:

“Is Glenn Beck America?” All ages have their charlatans. The fact that Beck’s stew of venom and fabrication has been such a triumph probably says less about Beck than about us. He has merely captured the moment.

So Milbank’s task is clear: capture the moment of someone capturing the moment.

As Politico points out, Alexander Zaitchik is also working on a book about Beck.