Congress Hammers Out Differences On Baseball Diamond (VIDEO)

Displaying a solid lack of fundamentals — on the field — the Democrats somehow managed to beat the Republicans — again, field. The annual charity game was filled with terrible smack talk and muffed grounder after muffed grounder.

When all was said — like, “It’s one of the best things we do in Congress”*– the Dems had prevailed 13-5. They’d knocked around Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) — still, on the field — during the fifth inning, which is a fitting fate for the man that kinda-sorta tried to hide the whole Mark Foley-emailing-pages thing, and by the end they’d reduced the Republicans to running futilely to their base. On the field, I mean.

* Said by Brian Baird (D-Wash.). Filed under: “You Don’t Know How Right You Are”

Congressional baseball game video [Washington Post]

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