Colorado Republican Party Backs 2020 Election Denier For Senate

DENVER, CO - APRIL 5 : Rep. Ron Hanks is in the rally at west steps of Colorado State Capitol building in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Candidates for higher office continue to try to cast doubt on the ... DENVER, CO - APRIL 5 : Rep. Ron Hanks is in the rally at west steps of Colorado State Capitol building in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Candidates for higher office continue to try to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election and integrity of Colorado elections as the 2022 election draws closer.(Photo by Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images) MORE LESS
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The Colorado Republican Party on Saturday officially threw its support behind U.S. Senate primary candidate Ron Hanks, a GOP state representative who’s been advancing ex-President Donald Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election.

During the state Republican GOP’s assembly in Colorado Springs over the weekend, Hanks got 39 percent of the vote from assembly delegates to be on the Republican primary ballot, clearing the required 30 percent threshold.

The vote makes Hanks the party’s lead choice in the race against Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) in the 2022 midterms. The Republican lawmaker is facing off against one other GOP primary foe, Joe O’Dea, who circulated petitions and collected signatures to get on the ballot instead of going through the delegate process.

Hanks is an outspoken voter fraud conspiracy theorist who, like other pro-MAGA election deniers, falsely claims that Trump was the true winner of the 2020 election.

In fact, Hanks boosted the lie at the convention on Saturday and even compared the election to the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

“I fully expected Donald Trump to win in 2020 — and he did,” the candidate declared, per the Associated Press. “When we saw what we saw on election night in 2020, it changed everything just like the changes we felt after 9/11.”

The delegates at the convention also voted to back Tina Peters, the Republican clerk of Mesa County who’s been indicted on charges related to an alleged leak of sensitive election data from her county’s voting machines, in her bid for Colorado secretary of state.

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  1. “When we saw what we saw on election night in 2020, it changed everything just like the changes we felt after 9/11.”

    Given that The Loser had been telegraphing bogus “fraud” claims well in advance of the election, any surprise on election night indicates profound inattention.

  2. The Republican Party has officially become a group of mentally-ill, old bigots. It is completely sickening that a TV conman could unleash all the worst elements of our society and give them free rein to tell lies, use insults and violence to accomplish their ends.

  3. With news items like this, I’m trying to game out the chances that the upcoming Jan 6 committee primetime show, various hoped-for indictments and court revelations, incautious SCOTUS rulings, and TFG’s own dissonant contributions will do enough to split the GOP and right-leaning independents, after the party has gone all-in on MAGA diehard candidates like this guy and its no-platform cult of personality approach in general.

    It’s a hard call. I think the biggest threat to this hope is McConnell’s implied counter-message of “I’m equally amoral, but also sane and calculating–so I’ll keep the crazy rabble in check.”

  4. True in all counts. Bad choices (Peters, Hanks) all around. With Hanks, it is clear that he has had no television, radio, print media or internet access.

    Those outlets are clear on Biden having won the 2020 Presidential Election

    He should seek help, now :face_with_monocle:

  5. I was coming to TPM to post that the Colorado R party just replaced quite a number of ‘normal’ R candidates with Qcumber fruitcups. But I see TPM had started a thread already.

    I was reading this and it gives a good sample of how stupid/RW people think…some of the quotes from the RW voters and canidates were illustrative.

    I was going to paste some of their quotes here, but you should just go read them yourselves. These people don’t do or say anything unless it has marinated in the stupid for 48hrs. Everything is a conspiracy, their own R voter process for these nominations was rigged and contained fraud, Tina Peters moves on as the R candidate for SoS, other candidates vowing to pardon her if she wins, folks want the days of “businessman Chump” back…you know because of all his shrewd dealings on behalf of the gen pop (and not because he never spent a moment on U.S. economy, just his own), and general complaints that you can’t drive a car, build a house, or build a fence without gubberment permission which was never like that back when he was younger.

    It is complete, it is top-to-bottom and they don’t miss a trick or a beat. They have something gobsmackingly stupid to say ON EVERY TOPIC and the lies just flow.

    In other news, the SD attorney general who ran over the man walking, new video of his interviews have been released and new facts show the victims leg was severed, head came thru the windshiled and remained there for some time before coming off the car. It sickened and turned off a number of his supporters and they look to hold an impeachment process which they are worried is going to be ‘very close’. That tells you everything you need to know. The Chump fever hasn’t broken, it has hardened. Close? This guy is guilty as hell and broke even more laws and rules to cover up his manslaughter. Now it is proven the lies and deception and horror were much worse than even was prev. known, and the vote will be close?

    These people are behaving abominably but when they look around their own party they don’t see a single frown or meet with any disapproval in their towns or circles. There are 80 million people in this country committed and intent on denying every scrap of real evidence, science, physics, and all our principles and U.S ideals. Nothing has worked to change their minds and they all nod and murmur and agree to the absurdities being spoken.

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