All The Cool New Stuff From Apple Today

Apple’s music event was so full of shiny gadgets and awesome news that your head might still be spinning. In case you struggled to keep up with everything or want a review, here are all the highlights:

Netflix on Apple TV May Finally Make It a Success
Among many other new features, Apple is including Netflix support straight into their new Apple TV. At last, they are getting the message: It’s not all about their iTunes store. Good.

The New Apple TV
Apple has revealed its streaming-only new Apple TV, successor to the oft-maligned original. And it’s just 1/4 the size of the old one. The new version will pack built-in power supply, HDMI, ethernet, and 802.11n wireless, priced down to $99.

iTunes 10 Brings a Built-In Music Social Network
Apple’s iTunes 10 has ditched the old logo and added some new features. But most of all, they’ve created a social network for music called Ping. It’s not the cloud we were hoping for, but it’s still enticing.

iTunes 10 Is All About Ping, Apple’s Social Network for Music
iTunes 10 is all about Ping, Apple’s music social network, which is all about music discovery. Like Twitter, you can follow and be followed-your friends to see what they’re listening to, or artists like Lady Gaga.

The Complete Guide to the New iPod Touch
The new iPod touch is like an iPhone 4, without the phone part. Even thinner than the original, has a 326ppi Retina display, Apple A4 processor, gyroscope, and a digital camera, both on the back and for FaceTime. Updating live.

Dear iPod Classic, RIP
The new iPod lineup has been announced-fresh and awesome new nanos, touches and shuffles-but nary a word about the iPod classic. Goodbye, old friend. It was your time. Update: It is still for sale, though, $250 for 160GB.

The New Multitouch iPod Nano
The new iPod Nano hardly bigger than an oversized stamp. It does away with the click wheel (and all things video) in favor of a multitouch screen. But how do you use it?

iOS 4.2 Adds AirPlay Wireless Music and Video Streaming from iTunes (and Comes to iPad!)
iPad with iOS 4.2 is almost everything we’ve wanted in the iPad since getting an iPhone 4, plus something we’ve wanted from the beginning: streaming music and video from iTunes to iOS devices with AirPlay. It’s coming out in November.

What iOS 4.1 Does For You
Apple will release a new version of iOS4, adding a fix for proximity sensor issues, HDR photos, and long-awaited Game Center support. The 4.1 update will be available next week for iPhone and iPod touch (though not all models).

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