A Grim Albany Parade With No End In Sight: Yet Another Lawmaker To Turn Himself In

State Senator John Sampson is reportedly set to turn himself into the authorities, the latest New York legislator to be caught up in a corruption investigation by federal officials.

Sampson has apparently been implicated in part thanks to evidence gathered by former state senator Shirley Huntley, who wore a wire to gather information about wrongdoing in the Capitol, but who neverthless didn’t get a deal with prosecutors, since she gave so many misstatements regarding her own corruption case.

This latest set of revelations would seem to bolster U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s claim, after an earlier announcement of charges against sitting officials, that New York has a massive corruption problem.

Senate Democrats had already distanced themselves from Sampson, ousting him from his leadership post.

The Huntley probe is expected to ensnare two other elected officials whose identities have not yet been disclosed.

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