Wisconsin GOP Sends Voter ID Bill To Walker’s Desk

A bill requiring Wisconsin voters to show photo ID in order to vote has passed the state Senate and is on its way to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk, WisPolitics reports.The bill passed 19-5, but not without some small drama, as Republicans cut off Democratic Sen. Fred Risser’s floor comments to proceed with the vote:

Risser, the longest serving state legislator in the country, continued to voice his displeasure as the roll was being taken.

“You’re out of order,” Ellis shouted as he banged his gavel. “Take your seat and continue the roll call.”

“In 50 years I’ve never had anyone cut me off,” Risser said.

Republicans said that the bill had received enough debate — senators debated amendments for nine hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“This bill has received a great deal of debate, not only in this body but around the state,” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said.

In addition to mandating voter ID, the bill bans straight party voting. After the vote was recorded, protestors in the gallery revived a chant from the budget battle days: “shame, shame, shame.”