Wisconsin Expanding DMV Services For Voter-ID, After Complaints About Closures

The state of Wisconsin’s recently passed Voter ID law will now result in an increased cost to the state, as Department of Motor Vehicles offices are expanded in order to accommodate the increased demand for photo identification cards.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that state Secretary of Transportation Mark Gottlieb announced the expansion on Thursday, which will leave all current DMV offices still open, increase the total number of offices from 88 to 92, and increase total office hours across the state by about 32,000 per year.

The change is expected to cost $6 million in the first year, and $4 million for each additional year going forward.This new plan came in the wake of objections to the DOT’s original plan from last month, which called for cutbacks that would close 16 offices, while simultaneously expanding office hours elsewhere.

At the time, Democrats alleged that the proposal had unfairly targeted Democratic areas, which would have made it more difficult for residents there to obtain identification and be able to vote.

“We listened to the concerns of legislators and others impacted by the potential changes,” said Gottlieb.