Waters Won’t Push For Vote On Ethics Committee Investigation

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) announced on the House floor today that she will not push for a vote on her proposal to create a bipartisan task force to investigate the House ethics committee.

“Upon the advice of my colleagues whom I trust and admire, I am not pushing for a vote on this resolution today,” she said this afternoon, according to her prepared remarks. “In doing so, however, I am requesting that the Committee set the record straight, on its own accord, in a bipartisan manner, with a joint statement signed by the Chair and Ranking Member, … [the] circumstances of the events that led to the discipline of the two attorneys leading the case against me.”Waters introduced the resolution on Tuesday. She wants an investigation into the committee after two of its attorneys, who were working on a case concerning Waters, were suspended.

Waters was accused by the committee of three ethics violations, stemming from allegations that she improperly helped a bank with ties to her husband to receive TARP money. But before her scheduled hearing was to take place, the ethics committee announced it was sending the matter back to investigation because new documents had surfaced.

Waters has dismissed that as an “excuse” and says the committee doesn’t have a case against her.