Wanted (Urgent): Winnebago, Two Motorcycles, $25K For Muslim Watcher’s Latest Project

Muslim Mafia scribe Dave Gaubatz is planning an investigative counterterrorism project in the Sunni mosques of North Carolina, and one lucky donor to the project will be invited to join his crack team of researchers. Needed for the job, according to an “urgent” post on Gaubatz’s blog: $25,000, two motorcycles, and use of one class A RV for 30 days.

The project starts Dec. 5 and the “highest donor can travel on team” and “will work alongside Dave Gaubatz the entire 30 days,” according to the cached version of the blog post.We last encountered Gaubatz when he called for a “backlash” against Muslims in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings. Before that, he dispatched his son to infiltrate a Muslim group as an intern.

He told TPMmuckraker in an e-mail that unlike past projects, the North Carolina investigation will involve “[n]othing undercover, just our Muslim researchers attending prayer and lectures that are open to the public.”

He said he has noticed “many violent materials” from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia being distributed in North Carolina. He sums up the new project as “essentially a neutral research project with the results being provided to law enforcement and the public.” The purported revelations in Gaubatz’s book Muslim Mafia have been touted by four House Republicans who are pursuing an investigation into alleged Muslim intern “spies” on Capitol Hill.

The motorcycles sought by Gaubatz are for use “in congested cities … so a large RV doesn’t have to be taken in city,” he said.

The full text of the post — since removed, Gaubatz says, because he is working on a more detailed summary — is below. The cached version is here.

Funds needed for NC CT Research

Urgent need for research money to conduct first-hand research throughout NC. Primarily Sunni mosques. Team requires $25,000 total and use of a class A RV for a period of 30 daysa.

Anyone interested in funding for this project will be designated a team member and will work alongside Dave Gaubatz the entire 30 days.

This project will accept three interns and two fully trained researchers.

Funders, Researchers, Interns, and highest donor can travel on team.

All funds will be accounted for and results will be providied to all subcribers.

Pay for Interns: $1,000 plus meals.
Pay for Researchers: $3000.00 plus meals

1 Class A travel bus
2 motorcycles