Treasurer Accused Of Stealing Campaign Cash Can’t Get Car To Start (VIDEO)

Kinde Durkee, the California campaign treasurer accused of stealing money from political campaigns and charities, had a bit of trouble getting away from a local news crew that tracked her down, when her car wouldn’t start.Durkee, accused of using her clients’ money to pay her own personal expenses and shifting money through accounts, is currently out on $200,000 bail.

When a Fox news crew found her, Durkee was hopping in the passenger seat of an SUV. Durkee slammed the car door, but the driver had a bit of trouble starting the car.

A former employee previously told the Washington Post that Durkee “drove a ratty truck that was barely running” and “was in the shop all the time.”

The fallout from the alleged theft is continuing to unfold. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), allegedly one of Durkee’s victims, is putting $5 million of her own money into her own reelection race.