TPM’s Top Ten Quotes From Christine O’Donnell, The Woman Who’s Against Everything

In 2004, Christine O’Donnell explained to a reporter for the News Journal in Delaware that, “I’m a conservative woman, but many conservative men really are chauvinistic.” That’s something many women — especially Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies — might understand. But a closer look at O’Donnell’s public record on everything from psychics to freak dancing to Britney to Tolkein’s Middle Earth might be enough to make many potential voters run for the hills — and not just because she’s a woman.

[TPM SLIDESHOW: Christine O’Donnell: Anti-Masturbation Crusader. Witchcraft Dabbler. Republican Senate Nominee.]

The full parade of her out-there views is below.1. O’Donnell on AIDS.

In 1997, O’Donnell took to C-SPAN to complain that the government was spending too much money combating AIDS. She voiced concerns that a drag queen ball “celebrates the type of lifestyle which leads to the disease.” She also objected to calling those with AIDS “victims” and said the disease was a consequence of a certain “lifestyle.”

Source: Christine O’Donnell: AIDS Gets Too Much Gov’t Money, Condoms Wouldn’t Stop It (VIDEO).

2. O’Donnell on Britney Spears and Madonna.

“I think people like Britney Spears have been irresponsible,” O’Donnell said on Fox News shortly after the pop star and Madonna exchanged a kiss during a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. “Well, I feel sorry for both of them. Madonna is a middle- aged woman who is trying to hold on to her youth. And Britney is super star who is trying to hold on to her popularity. That’s why they’re playing games and doing gimmicks,” O’Donnell said.

“And you can tell that Britney Spears is struggling with who she is. I think she has a team of agents and managers who are saying, yes, push the envelope, kiss Madonna, take off all your clothes. And she’s doing that because she doesn’t want to sacrifice this enormous platform that she’s built. But at the same time, she is sacrificing herself and you can see that in her eyes when she talks.”

Source: Transcript of Fox News’ Big Story Weekend Edition on Nov. 15, 2003.

3. O’Donnell on masturbation.

“If he already knows what pleases him and he can please himself, than why am I in the picture?”

Source: Christine O’Donnell’s 1996 Anti-Masturbation Campaign On MTV’s ‘Sex In The 90s’ (VIDEO).

4. O’Donnell on feminism.

Asked if she considered herself a feminist, O’Donnell said: “Absolutely, but let me qualify that — I consider myself an authentic feminist. Not as defined by the modern movement. And, let me clarify that a little bit more. I was an English major, so break it down: -ist means one who celebrates. As a feminist, I celebrate my femininity.”

Source: Christine O’Donnell Running For Senate In Delaware At AFP’s RightOnline Conference

5. O’Donnell on psychics.

“Psychics exploit the human beings natural desire that longs for something higher,” O’Donnell said on Bill Maher’s program in October 2001. “The same way a pimp exploits the natural desire to be with the opposite sex…psychics put people in spiritual harm, the same way pimps put people in physical harm.”

Source: YouTube: Politically Incorrect, October 2001 with Bob Saget.

6. O’Donnell on nude sunbathing.

“I mean, it is very difficult, I’m sure, for a man to sit there and stare at his girlfriend naked and not want to go a little bit further.”

Source: Transcript of Aug. 23, 2000 Fox News segment “Should Sunbathing in Buff be Banned Altogether?”

7. O’Donnell on freak dancing.

“This is a matter of culpability. What freak dancing is isn’t just like the safety of mosh pitting,” O’Donnell said. “This is sexually explicit activity for minors. We do limit the expression of minors. There are drinking laws. There are — you know, you have to be 18 to smoke. You can’t go to school in a bikini. On one hand, you have people saying this is squelching their freedom, and then you scratch your head and say look over here, date rape is such an epidemic. There’s a connection, and, if people realize that there’s a connection, then they’ll realize that these limitations and restrictions exist for a very valid reason.”

Source: transcript of May 15, 2003 “Back of the Book Interview” on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor.

8. O’Donnell on Obama.

“He’s soooo liberal. He’s anti-American,” said O’Donnell. “He’s beating the ‘change’ drum. But let’s look at the change. He did not vote for English as the official language. What does that say?”

Source: O’Donnell In 2008: Obama Is ‘Anti-American’ (VIDEO).

9. O’Donnell on the Gay Pride Parade.

“Well, I know that the one here in Los Angeles, there was S&M going on. There was mocking sodomy, mocking, you know, all kinds of crude sexual acts,” O’Donnell said. “Because — because authorities were too afraid to be called, quote, unquote, ‘homophobic’ because these homosexual special rights groups do get away with [anything].”

Source: Fox News June 26, 2000 segment “Was Gay Pride Parade in New York City Over the Top?”

10. O’Donnell on Middle Earth.

“You see Tolkien’s wisdom applied to just about everything: Tolkien and communism, Tolkien and industrialization,” O’Donnell said, speaking of the authors “Lord of the Rings” series in December 2003. “In researching this topic I even found a book on Tolkien and sexual fetishes.”

O’Donnell said it was “surprising, then, especially in today’s very hyper-sensitive, post-Gloria Steinem world, that there’s such a lack of commentary on Tolkien and women. … Is it that people assume that women don’t have an interest in Tolkien?” she asked.

The now-GOP candidate dismissed the request that Tolkien should have written more about the females in the book, saying that the books “were written from a hobbit’s perspective” and that if the film changed what was in the books it would “severely take away from the film’s legitimacy.”

Source: Christine O’Donnell Assesses ‘Middle Earth.’

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