Timeline Set For Trump’s Sketchy Voter Fraud Commission

Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital Journal

A timeline, it appears, has been set for the shady “elections integrity” commission that President Trump created after making bogus claims of millions of illegal votes cast in  the 2016 election.

The commission, which was unveiled with an executive order last week, will have its first meeting in July, with a report expected within a year, according to Associated Press profile of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), the proponent of restrictive laws who is vice chair of the commission.

Civil rights groups are already concerned that the commission — which so far is made up mostly of Republicans who have a history of exaggerating the prevalence of voter fraud — will put the cart before the horse and cherrypick examples of elections irregularities to justify recommendations for proposals that make it tougher to vote.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed an opens records request with Kobach’s office, and the offices of some of the other commissioners, seeking any documents suggesting that they are working on policy proposals before their probe of elections issues is complete, according to the AP.