The Scoop on Ginsberg

Some of you wrote in with questions — and observations — about Katherine Harris’ new lawyer, Ben Ginsberg. Is he that Ben Ginsberg, of Florida Recount fame? Oh, and how.

Ginsberg was chief outside counsel to both Bush-Cheney campaigns, and a key player in the Florida Fiasco. Players of Trivial Pursuit: TPM Edition may recall that in 2004, he was caught representing the “independent” Anti-Kerry Swift Boat campaign, while holding on to his Bush-Cheney gig, creating the impression that the two groups may have illegally coordinated their efforts. Ginsberg resigned from the president’s campaign.

He’s a player’s player, by DC standards: a $500-an-hour lawyer and a friend of Karl Rove, with a pedigree of GOP assignments to turn any red-stater green with envy.How inside is he? He actually introduced Rove to his defense lawyer, Bob Luskin, who works down the hall from Ginsberg at Patton Boggs.

In addition, he’s worked with the RNC and various right-wing groups, including Americans for Job Security (which spent $1 million on TV ads pumping up Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)’s image), and Progress for America (which spent $18 million on a 14-state tour to pressure moderate Dems to back Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.)

And no, there’s no such thing as a Trivial Pursuit: TPM edition. But it seems like a good idea, don’t you think?