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Pentagon Official Suspected of Aiding Iraq Fraudsters

Every scam needs an inside man, and federal prosecutors think they may have found at least one in the Navy.

Douglas Combs served as assistant to Navy Secretary Hansford Johnson during the Iraq invasion. From that post, it’s believed he tried to steer high-dollar contracts to Custer Battles, a company recently found to have used front companies and fake paperwork to bilk the military for millions of dollars.

Combs and Johnson, now outside of government, jointly purchased the remnants of Custer Battles. The company continues to operate in Iraq. (WSJ)Former DHS Spokesman Out on Bail
Brian Doyle, arrested last month on child sex charges, will return home to be examined by two psychiatrists. (CNN)

Reed Makes $1.6 Million Off Microsoft
Over the last five years, Microsoft paid Ralph Reed $1.6 million for consulting and lobbying services. Reed had to disclose the sum because he’s running for lt. governor in Georgia. (Seattle Weekly)

Even More Waste in Katrina Contracts

Mileage claims were overstated to get extra fees, debris was mixed improperly to inflate prices and companies sent bills twice for removing the same loads. (AP)

Senate Passes $109 Billion Spending Bill
The Senate defied a rare presidential veto threat Thursday and passed a $109 billion emergency spending bill for Iraq and hurricane-ravaged states that’s also loaded with money for farmers, fishermen and shipbuilders. (KR, NYT, WaPo)

Big Dig Contractors Indicted on Fraud Charges
Six employees of a company that provided most of the concrete for the Big Dig have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of using substandard mixtures in the project, which demolished an elevated highway in Boston, relocated it underground and linked the city’s major thoroughfares. (NYT)

Prosecutors Said To Be Avoiding Abramoff Testimony in Safavian Trial

The AP says federal prosecutors may attempt to try Safavian “by email” — using electronic correspondence between the disgraced GSA official and the fallen superlobbyist to make their case, rather than put Abramoff on the stand to tell his story. Safavian’s lawyers object. (AP)

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