The Best Way to a Congressman’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

Well, it’s not exactly a bribe menu, but…

Brent Wilkes, whom we’ll simply identify as the dirtier of the two defense contractors who bribed Duke Cunningham (see below), had more than one friend in Washington. As we’ve mentioned before, he was close ($37-million-in-earmarks close) to Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA).

On November 14, 2003, Wilkes hosted a fundraiser for Doolittle at his swanky corporate headquarters – possibly to thank him for the $18 million in earmarks Doolittle had “steered” toward Wilkes’ company that year.

You can see the menu here. It comes to us courtesy of Wilkes’ wife’s catering company’s website, which is as far as we can tell the only website left standing of the once-formidable Wilkes empire. It’s one of their sample menus; they’re understandably proud of their work. And no, pork was not on the menu.

One thing I can’t quite figure out though: the ticket theme. Is it meant to symbolize that Doolittle was Wilkes’ ticket to government contracts? Or that Wilkes, who along with his cohorts gave Doolittle $85,000 over 3 years, was Doolittle’s ticket to a healthy campaign?

Oh, who cares. Mmmm… Applewood smoked bacon wrapped filet…

(Late Update: I stand corrected. TPM reader JB writes “‘Actually, pork (bacon) was on the menu. No jokes about “bringing home the bacon?'”)