Ted Haggard Swaps Wives With Gary Busey On Celebrity Wife Swap

Former New Life Church pastor and self-described “bisexual” Ted Haggard swapped wives with actor and self-described “church” Gary Busey for the ABC reality show Celebrity Wife Swap.On Tuesday, Haggard and his wife Gayle appeared on the show and swapped spouses with Gary Busey and his fiance Steffanie Sampson.

Haggard resigned from the New Life Church in disgrace in 2006, amid revelations that he had had a drug-fueled sexual relationship with a gay male former escort.

In the episode, Haggard describes his scandal as a “moral failure,” and early on, before he knew who his swap partner would be, wondered if “he could be an authentic celebrity. We’re a mistake celebrity.”

Once the swap is on, Busey, who says things like “Earth is the best vacation place for advanced clowns,” is asked by Gayle Haggard whether or not he goes to church. “I am a church,” he replied.

Haggard, who admitted last January that he is probably bisexual, told Sampson in the episode that he and Gayle are against gay marriage “but we are for civil unions.” According to The Advocate, Sampson asked: “What’s wrong with saying ‘marriage’?”

“The historic definition of marriage has been a heterosexual monogamous union,” Haggard said.

Watch some clips from the episode, including the incredibly awkward moment at the end when Haggard offers to “participate” in the Busey wedding:

Via Buzzfeed.