Specter: “We Haven’t Really Gotten Answers”

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) stopped just short of calling for Alberto Gonzales’ resignation, saying that “it’s for two people to decide”: Gonzales and the president.

But that didn’t sound like where he was going in his comments. He said there’d been a “loss of credibility” at the department, that “we haven’t really gotten answers” from Gonzales. He added that there was unquestionably a morale problem at the department and that the message had been sent that U.S. attorneys around the country “ought to be on guard… for you to have said that this was ‘an overblown personnel matter,’ that can’t be erased.”

But he said, “I’m not going to call for your resignation,” saying that it’s “beyond my purview…. For myself, I want to leave it to you and the president.”