SEC IG To Probe Potential Coordination With White House On Goldman Suit

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

We told you earlier about the tireless — and often fruitless — efforts of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) to find a scandal to stick to the Obama administration. Well, today he had some luck.

It’s not the Pentagon Papers, but SEC inspector general David Kotz just announced on Fox News that he will launch an internal investigation into whether there was improper coordination with the White House over the recent decision to file a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs. “We need to understand what led to the decision to announce or bring the case on that day,” Kotz told Neil Cavuto. “See if there was any undue influence involved and so we’ll look very carefully to investigate that and see what we determine.”Watch:

Kotz’s announcement came after Issa had earlier today sent him a letter (pdf) calling for such a probe.

There’s no evidence of improper co-ordination. But as Issa has pointed out, the lawsuit against Goldman offered a fillip to the administration’s current top political priority, the passage of financial reform.