Sacked Over Affair With GOP Leader, Former Senate Staffer Sues Minnesota For Sexism

A fired aide who says he lost his Minnesota Senate job because he’s both male and had an intimate relationship with a senior legislator made good this week on his promise to sue the state.Michael Brodkorb served as the Republican caucus’ communications director until mid-December, when news broke that he and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (R) had an affair. Koch resigned her leadership post at the time. And Brodkorb lost his job. Brodkorb’s suit, filed Monday, against the state of Minnesota, the Minnesota Senate and the Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman alleges that he was “illegally” fired without an opportunity to transfer to another position. The suit also claims that Brodkorb was treated differently than his female colleagues who had relationships with legislators.

“Similarly situated female legislative employees, from both political parties, were not terminated from their employment positions despite intimate relationships with male legislators,” the suit says. “Brodkorb was treated differently in his employment than similarly situated female legislators.”

The suit claims that Koch will testify that Brodkorb was fired because of their relationship. Ron Rosenbaum, Koch’s lawyer, told the Star Tribune she will “absolutely” testify and will have “significantly more to say.” Koch’s office was not immediately available for comment.

Brodkorb is seeking $50,000 in damages related to “emotional pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, humiliation and loss of enjoyment of life.” Brodkorb’s attorney, Phil Villaume, was not immediately available for comment.

Read the suit below:

Bro Dk Orb Lawsuit Ramsey County 7232012