Rival PAC Challenges Stephen Colbert’s PAC To A Tractor Pull

In what could have been a good old-fashioned hoedown, throw down at the Ames straw poll this weekend, a rival Super PAC challenged Stephen Colbert’s “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” to a tractor pull.See, Colbert claims he called “dibs” on endorsing Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) for president weeks ago. And a pair of ads put out by his Super PAC accuse groups like Jobs for Iowa PAC of “pandering” to Iowans with “cheap cornography” to garner support for Perry.

But Jobs for Iowa won’t take Colbert’s criticism sitting down. “Forget the airwaves,” the group said in a release. “It’s time to settle this like the Iowans none of us are in the ultimate competition for super PAC dominance. An old-fashioned tractor pull … to be held August 13 at the Ames Fairgrounds.”

“Mr. Colbert, the only thing in Iowa that can stake claim to a silent letter is Des Moines, so you need to take your “t” back to France,” the release continues. “It’s time to put up or shut up … the Iowa way.”

Jobs for Iowa did not respond to TPM’s request for comment, but all signs indicate the face off did not, in fact, take place. Read the full release here.

h/t Mediaite