Rielle Hunter’s John Edwards Sex Tape Will Be Destroyed

A sex tape allegedly featuring former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) with former presidential campaign videographer and mistress Rielle Hunter will almost certainly never see the light of day thanks to a legal settlement that makes the tape her property.

Hunter had sued former Edwards aide Andrew Young to gain possession of the tape, which was allegedly filmed in 2006. A spokesperson for Hunter told ABC’s Raleigh affiliate that the “disputed property” would be returned to Hunter and declared the settlement a victory. The settlement says the video will destroyed.Edwards, meanwhile, is fighting in federal court to preclude testimony in his upcoming trial on campaign finance violations that he maintains would amount to hearsay. The government suggested in a filing this week that Edwards is only seeking a “mini-trial” over the issue of whether two individuals could testify because his team would like “an extra opportunity to cross-examine Andrew Young.” They maintain a separate hearing would give Edwards an unfair preview of the government’s case.