Rezwan Ferdaus: The Drummer Accused Of Plotting ‘Drone’ Attack On D.C.

The last time Rezwan Ferdaus, the 26-year-old Massachusetts man accused of plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon with C-4 loaded model airplanes, had a run-in with the law was when he and two other students poured concrete in front of 10 doors to his high school in 2003.

Ferdaus, nicknamed “Bollywood,” was the original drummer of the Goosepimp Orchestra when the band formed in 2004 until he “moved on to become a devout spiritual practitioner,” according to the band’s website. He also apparently played drums with a punk band named Silk Road, which has songs named “No Pilot” and “Gaza Dozer.”CBS reports Ferdaus was said to have routinely turned his back during the pledge of allegiance and even allegedly burned the American flag on the roof of Ashland High School. Fox’s Boston station reports Ferdaus was a star soccer player who “ran track and graduated at the top of his high school class, receiving a scholarship to go to Northeastern.” Neighbors believed he was unemployed.

According to court documents, Ferdaus wanted to attack the Pentagon with 5 to 6.5 foot model air planes because it would “severely disrupt the heart and the head of the snake.”

More on the plotted attack, including photos of the types of planes that Ferdaus allegedly wanted to use, here.